It is an honour and a privilege to lead Trinity Catholic College.  As a headteacher it is my  responsibility to ensure that your children get the very best education and that is why I lead our school through the eyes of a parent.  My philosophy is clear; if it is not good enough for my own daughter then it is not good enough for yours.  Therefore, I ensure that the high expectations I have for my own child are realised in every decision I make here at Trinity Catholic College.

At Trinity we are unashamedly ambitious for our pupils, staff and whole community. Our unique 11-18 school is vibrant and forward thinking, meeting the changing needs of the young people and their families in the modern age. We are proud of our rich heritage and the tradition of academic excellence combined with outstanding pastoral care.  Trinity Catholic College is the only 11-18 Catholic provision in Middlesbrough and we are privileged and committed to educating your son or daughter for seven years.

Trinity Catholic College provides the best start in life, enabling students to confidently meet the challenges of the wider world. Here, academic excellence is achieved in surroundings where relationships are based on care, trust and respect.  We welcome students from across Middlesbrough building a Catholic community that has, at its heart, prayer and service to others.

Our Catholic foundation and ethos is central to all that we do, supported by the work of our lively Chaplaincy Team. Our mission is simple yet powerful; we follow Jesus, build our family and, in turn, fulfil our potential. At Trinity, a special value is placed on love and forgiveness, which encourages relationships based on trust, kindness, self-respect and care for those in need.

At Trinity we are relentlessly ambitious for our pupils.  That is why we offer a rich curriculum both in and outside the classroom.  We ensure that our staff are highly qualified, driven and experts in their field with a passion for bringing the curriculum alive each and every lesson so that both pupils and staff can craft extraordinary work.

Here at Trinity we ensure that every lesson counts, no time is wasted and every pupil leaves school each day feeling that their brain has had a real workout. We aim to build resilient learners who do not fear making mistakes but learn from them, learners who have a thirst for knowledge and a determination to fulfil their dreams and aspirations.

Beyond the classroom enrichment is an intrinsic and valued part of the education that we offer. The enrichment programme at Trinity is designed to provide the breadth to the education that enables us to develop the well-balanced individuals, of which we can all be proud.

A copy of the Trinity Catholic College Prospectus can be found here.