Trinity Catholic College is a truly comprehensive secondary academy with Catholic values at the core of all we do. With a focus on following Jesus, building families and fulfilling potential we pride ourselves on providing an inclusive educational experience  for 11-19 year olds from communities across Middlesbrough. Trinity Catholic College is a Catholic academy but welcomes students from other faith backgrounds. Applications for admission into Y7 in the September intake are made through the Local Authority admission to secondary school process. Parents should complete their application online by 31 October.

Parents seeking a place for their child at Trinity Catholic College should note that the over subscription criteria set out in the Admissions Policy is applied using the Catholic Application Form. It is therefore important that all applicants send a completed Catholic Application Form which can be found below, and any required evidence, directly to the Academy so that this can be taken into consideration.

Parents moving into the area, or wishing to transfer their children to Trinity Catholic College from another secondary school, can contact the school to arrange a visit. An in-year supplementary information form must be completed for each individual child wishing to transfer to Trinity Catholic College part-way through the academic year. Please click on this link below to complete the form

In-year Supplementary Information Form


Local Authority Secondary Schools Admissions

Details of the Local Authority Admissions procedures can be found on the following page of the Middlesbrough Council website – Local Authority Admission Procedures

Trinity Catholic College’s Admission criteria can be found in the Primary and Secondary School Admissions Guide for Parents  which is available for download from the Middlesbrough Council website.

Admissions Policies

Please see our Policies section for further information


Due to postal strikes the deadline for completing the forms below has been extended where reasonable to do so