To follow Jesus, build families and fulfil potential.

Our mission inhabits everything we do here at Trinity. Our relationships, teaching practise,
our pastoral structure and chaplaincy. At Trinity we’re called to follow Jesus. In Chaplaincy
that means that we’re asked to witness our faith, to show that we follow Jesus in all that we
do. In our actions we must be kind and courteous and willing to listen to everyone in our

We’re called to build families and in that we raise funds for our food banks for our local
community so that all members of our extended community have the help and love that they

Finally we’re called to fulfil potential. In this we teach that our pupils and staff are made in
the image and likeness of God, that they are all unique and important. We foster a sense of
love and compassion to help our pupils know that they are loved and that they are

In this mission we find Christ at the centre of it and in everything that we do. It is our mission
to show our faith and to bring about God’s kingdom on earth. Following these steps our
community is coming closer to that goal each day.