Chaplaincy plays a vital role in the faith and pastoral mission of Trinity Catholic College. Our school chaplain, Mr Tucker, works with the schools community to cultivate an authentic
catholic ethos. The role of our chaplain and the chaplaincy teams is to:

(i) Evangelisation and Catechesis through proclamation of the Word of God;

(ii) responding to the Sacramental and Spiritual needs of the school;

(iii) pastoral care of pupils and staff;

(iv) facilitating links between the school, the parishes and the home.


Throughout the year, Mr Tucker works with pupils from all parts of school to worship and celebrate the liturgical year. From Advent to Easter, everyone in our community is given the opportunity to be involved in catholic life as fully as possible. Many of our students are active in liturgical life, reading, singing, witnessing and participating in our services. Our staff are
also given the opportunity to be members of a vibrant catholic community with reflection, prayer and one to one conversations with the chaplain to foster a sense of family and belonging.

Our chapel has a prominent and central place within Trinity. With its stained glass, beautiful
statues and our large crucifix reminding us of our faith, it cultivates a sense of calm and
serenity. Many of our pupils go to the chapel for conversations with the chaplain when they
are feeling anxious or concerned. It is a quiet place where our community can take a step
out of the busy life of school and enter into a place of prayer and peace.

Parish and school life are inextricably linked with one another, and our role is to develop
these relationships to create a unified presence of a catholic community throughout
middlesbrough. During the 2020/2021 pandemic many parishes and schools found holding
onto a relationship with each other incredibly difficult, which inevitably set back many of our
plans of working together. Over the coming months and years our community is determined
to regain and expand these relationships so that all of our communities can flourish in the
light of Christ.