Prayer within our college is a vital and indispensable part of our community life. At the
beginning of the 21st century His Holiness Pope John Paul II set as one of the main aims of
the Catholic community is to create ‘genuine schools of prayer’ (Novo Millennio Ineunte, 33).
We believe that Jesus has given Himself to us in His Word and His Sacraments, therefore
our spiritual life is Catholic to the extent that our personal relationship with God is developed
in the Church, through Scripture and in the celebration of the most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

As we endeavour to create a prayerful school we give both staff and students ample
opportunities throughout each day to pray and build their relationship with God. Every one of
our form groups is given prayers that link with the liturgical season that they participate in
during form time. Each term, different form groups come together in the chapel for a
reflection of their own which they create themselves as a way of thanksgiving and prayer.