ACHIEVE your potential!


Results Day 2016As a small sixth form, we are able to gain an in-depth understanding of your needs very quickly. Your academic progress will be reviewed at least once per half-term. If we feel you need additional support with your learning, there are a range of support programmes in place:

  • Achievement Centre – open all day every day! You are welcome to come along and undertake private study in your non-contact periods, with the support of staff, should you need it. If you are doing GCSE resits and/or require additional support in one of your subjects, timetabled sessions will be put in place for you.
  • Mentoring – your progress both academically and in college as a whole is of huge importance to us. Each half-term, students are identified for the mentoring programme based on their individual needs – if you are selected, you will be allocated a mentor (an experienced member of the pastoral team) who will meet with you regularly to review your progress.
  • Directed Study – some of you may find the independent nature of sixth form studies a challenge! The directed study programme is a support mechanism for students that are underachieving or not making best use of their non-contact time in college. If you are placed on the programme, you will receive up to 5 timetabled periods a fortnight of ‘supervised’ study time – this will take place in your non-contact periods. You will use the time to complete additional work for subject/s under the guidance of an experienced member of staff.


FREE TRANSPORT for all students!

We currently cover the whole of the Teesside area, providing 12 bus routes. Routes for this year can be found here – we plan our bus services to suit the needs of students and adapt routes when necessary. Transport is free for all sixth form students, no matter where you live!


Finance doesn’t need to be a barrier, BURSARY is an option

If money is a problem, then you may be entitled to a bursary to help with college costs during term time, you can find out more about the scheme in the Parent Handbook.


Finding things TOUGH? Help is here!

Sometimes, life as a Sixth Form Student can be challenging. You may be struggling with the demands of your workload, or have other issues going on that make it difficult for you to manage your studies. As a college, in addition to the support of your Pastoral Team, we have access to trained Counsellors and Support Workers, who can provide objective advice and support to ensure that such issues are not a barrier to your learning and success.