We expect all sixth form students to arrive on time ready to start tutorials, assemblies or lessons promptly.

Our target is a minimum of 96 per cent attendance to all lessons each college year.

Dental, medical appointments and driving lessons should be scheduled to take place outside of lesson hours and no holidays are permitted during term time.

Absence due to illness must be communicated to college each day of your absence by calling 01642 298100. 

There is a well known link between good attendance and academic success. Attendance information is often requested by universities and employers as an indication of an applicant’s level of commitment, motivation and self discipline. 

Your attendance and punctuality is monitored closely and support will be offered for those who need it.


High 5

We expect students to work an average of five hours a day from Monday to Friday.

You should use these 5 hours to create a study programme that suits you – be it in college, at home during non-contact time or a bit of both!

Your teachers will provide dedicated homework packages via Google Classroom. 

Tutors and the sixth form leadership team review attendance, percentage of expected progress points and tutor meeting records on a weekly basis to ensure that your engagement with your sixth form studies is enabling you to progress and fulfil your potential.



Our students are treated as the young adults they are. During your time at the sixth form, you will be expected to take responsibility for your attendance and punctuality. If you are going to be late, it is vital that you notify your subject teacher and your tutor by email.

If you are late for any lesson, you may be expected to make this time up during break time, non-contact time or after college if necessary.

If you miss a lesson, you will be expected to complete the work missed at another time. Subject teachers will notify your tutor of any failure to do this.

Persistent lateness – if you are late three times – will result in you being placed on the Vulnerable Students Monitoring System.



Trinity Sixth Form is committed to creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and shared values in which effective learning can take place and all students can flourish.

Sixth form students and staff operate within the NPCAT Code of Conduct. All students must take responsibility for keeping shared areas clean and tidy. No food or drink is allowed in computer areas and all study spaces should be quiet, clean and tidy to facilitate focused study.


Dress Code

Students are expected to take care of their personal appearance and be well presented. Excessively revealing clothing and excessive piercings are not allowed.

Please remember you are representing Trinity Sixth Form and are role models for Year 7-11 pupils in the main school. 

It is essential that lanyards and ID badges are worn and clearly visible everyday, without exception. There is a £5 charge to replace lost ID badges.



Your High 5 includes out-of-lessons assigned work, background reading and any extra study for topics causing particular difficulties. The amount of homework within your High 5 hours depends on each individual subject.

Free wifi is available if students wish to remain in college during study periods.


Part Time Employment

Part-time work can offer a useful experience of working life and is a source of extra income. Problems can arise when the part time work involves lengthy hours, whole weekends or one or more evenings during the week. It may then have a detrimental effect on a student’s commitment to their studies, homework and revision.

Sixth form is a demanding, full-time commitment and long hours from a part-time job will have an adverse effect on your studies. The maximum number of hours recommended for a part-time job is no more than 12 hours per week.