The Trinity Day

Trinity Catholic College – Timings of the School Day – September 2021


Good attendance at school is essential if a pupil is to make positive progress throughout their education. Our school Attendance Officer works closely with the Pastoral teams and the school Educational Social Worker dealing with attendance issues. Attendance at Trinity Catholic College is good but can always be improved upon with parental support.We operate a first day response policy whereby our Attendance Officer telephones an absent pupil’s named contact person to confirm the reason for the pupil’s absence. We would like to ask parents to help us reduce the need for these telephone calls by telephoning the school as early as possible on their son’s/daughter’s first day of absence. We also ask you to send a note in to school with your child on their return.



Pastoral Year Group assemblies are held weekly.  In addition to Pastoral assemblies, important and specific event assemblies are delivered by the Trinity Leadership Team, and the School Chaplain. Our local Parish Priests come into College to offer Holy Mass on several occasions throughout the year.